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11:23pm 23/08/2009
Taking a break from reading about the oh-so-fascinating history of the buffalo...*roll eyes*...to update.

BUSY! Ah, so busy. And everyone wants to keep in touch with me and wonder how my first week is going, but I can't talk because I'm busy!

The TA training went well. I'm really glad I'm a Speech Communications (SpCm) TA because there are five new members and ten of us total, so we're all a really close group that hangs out together, and our leading professors are really helpful. There are, like, thirty new TAs for the English writing course, and they're basically taking a class on how to teach their classes (they do get 3 credits for that class whereas I only attend a weekly meeting, but get 1 credit a semester...so I'm taking four class a semester, basically). Unfortunately, I didn't get to hang out much with the other Creative Writing and Environment (CWE) people, so whenever I see them, they're like, "Where the hell are you?!"

But yeah, all the SpCm people are nice, and I've made some friends, which is sad because half of them are graduating this year, and the other half graduate next year. I'm the only 3-year person on the staff, so I'll be the most experienced when the newbies come in my third year.

It's kind of nice because I'm not teaching the class every day. We have at least one Lecture a week, which is taught by an actual prof., and which I have to attend. Then we have either one or two Labs a week, which is what I teach. But really, most of the lab-time is for listening to speeches and working on the next speech their giving. So I just follow the syllabus already made out and make sure to keep my students busy for 50 mins. Awesome!

We had a BBQ for the Speech TAs and Speech Profs. at Christopher's (the teacher of the class) house Friday night. I was off yesterday, but I slept the whole day because I was damn exhausted! And then today I had another BBQ to attend; this one for all the new English peeps to meet each other. The teachers seem really nice around here, so hopefully it won't be a bad semester.

Oye, have I been spending money...but I did learn that as long as you're a TA, you can get Microsoft Office at the campus bookstore for $10. ^_^ You know, for work-at-home purposes. This totally means my new laptop is getting Office for practically nothing, and, in case anything happens to old Koenma here, I can put office back on him as well (you get two licenses with it).
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12:08am 14/08/2009
I ended up telling #4 to turn his TV down last night. I'm sorry...it was 2 am, and I could hear his movie (playing in the living room) in my bedroom with the door closed. He was very nice and turned it down for me...I hope this won't be a constant problem, though. He was just playing his shooting game an hour ago, and it was L-O-U-D. And then he screamed fuck so loud I heard it over the game. And then a door slammed. -_- Why do I get the feeling this guy's never lived in a complex with other people...

Gibby is really a young undergrad named Clarrisa taking community college courses in town until she can save enough to go to Iowa State. I heard her leaving and ran to the door, so I was half dressed (very large tank top with my bra showing and shorts), and she was carrying a butcher's knife when we met. She seems nice. ^_^

I still think there's a ghost in there that she's hiding...unless it's a real Japanese student or something. I could've swore I heard someone say, "Tadaima!" before going in next door.

Oh, I got lost on campus. Not a big surprise...I got lost my first few days at IC, so considering how much bigger this campus is...yeah. But the buses are really nice! It was almost like being back in Japan, except they don't announce the stops, so you have to actually know where you stop is and pull the cord, or the bus keeps going. Not bad for people who've been here already, but some of us don't have bus maps...or didn't at the time.
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Illinois...WITH HILLS!  
08:51pm 12/08/2009
Not "The Hills" (thank goodness), but plenty of hilly fields with all their glorious crops.

Oh, hi. ^_^

So I finally have internet. I've been here since Saturday...gosh, it doesn't seem that long, though. We spent most of Saturday moving in...and then Sunday, I was so tired that I didn't even get up to help Mom with grocery shopping. I just sort of kissed her goodbye, and then sluggishly made my way over to the bathroom. Marc and I did some pretty cool things though. But his post goes into lots of detail, so repeating it here would seem silly. Let's just say, this place has plenty of geek hangouts. ^_^

As his post said, I had a spider-filled couch. -_- We totally forgot to check it for bugs even though we left it outside for about two months. I vacuumed that thing from top to bottom, and then we left for two hours to go see a movie and buy bug spray. When I got back and started spraying, it was like I hadn't even touched the couch at all! And the spray? It only killed the spiders with direct contact, and even then, the big ones took three to four minutes to crawl around before they even got sluggish. The next morning, I had a fresh batch of small spiders crawling around on the sofa as if I didn't just soak the think in spider toxin. So he and I managed to get the damn thing out the front door, but we couldn't get it down the steps. Luckily, my neighbors in apt. 3 were moving in that day, and they had two big boys and a box of tools. So now my living room is bare, but I don't have to worry about those damn bugs anymore.

Got my period yesterday, so I spent the day indoors, sleeping and reading for the most part. Today I had to stick around the house for my modem to come in the mail, so more reading and stuff. I feel antsy for the most part because I feel like I should be doing something that challenges me a little instead of all this relaxing stuff. Gosh, that what growing up does to you...it makes you WANT to work. Lol.

Tomorrow I'm going to the school to get my school ID so that I can start riding the buses around town (for free!).

If I end up murdered, first suspect is neighbor 4. He lives below me and looks like those normal people that turn out to be serial killers. He must have some wicked electronic system set up, because every night I heard things through the floor...but I can't tell exactly what it is. Mostly it sounds like he's talking into a speaker, and then it's either drums or he's shooting things on the tele. When the mailman delivered my modem, I also took 4's box because he wasn't home. It was from Newegg, which heightens my suspicions that he's a really big techie. I don't mind the noise because it doesn't carry into the bedroom or bother me when I'm playing games on my tele. But if it starts to become a hassle when I'm studying, I'll have to tell him to turn it down. I'm hoping neighbors 3 complain before I do.

Neighbor 1 is a ghost. Haven't seen her, but I always hear the door opening and closing and sometimes other noises from across the way. I'm calling her Gibby until I meet her.
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It's a'comin'  
03:54pm 21/07/2009
Two weeks left of work.  Scratch that.  Tonight and Thursday, and then a whole week next week.  ^_^  It's pretty exciting, but it means I'm less patient with work hassels because I feel like they're really pushing me these last few weeks to get every drop out of me.

I don't think the big boss realizes I'm going to be gone after next week.  He keeps hasseling me about this computer thing he wants taken care of, but I'm like, "Dude, I'm barely working this week, and you're going to be stretched thin next week.  And then what're you going to do?"  Apparently whine and cry I guess...

I feel like I don't have enough time to do everything that needs to get done.  In reality, it's really just the whole, "The job seems so big that I don't even want to start on it," problem.  I need to start doing little things so that I stop feeling so overwhelmed.
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For Sale  
07:33pm 08/07/2009
If anyone wants to buy 1 GB of RAM for a notebook, I'm willing to sell for $20.  If you want to know the specific product, it's 1GB 2Rx16 PC2-5300s-555-12, and it is meant for notebooks (as in, I don't know if it will fit into a desktop).  I just got my new laptop yesterday and exchanged this card for a 2 gig, so it's more or less new.

In other news:  My new laptop is awesome!  It has a 10.5" screen, which means it's really small.  As in I have books bigger and heavier than this thing, and I can just throw it in a backpack if I need to take it to class.  ^_^  I'm keeping my hugely notebook as a "desktop" of sorts.  My big notebook is called Koenma, btw, and I named the small one Gurren.  Gurren is great for writing documents and keep notes on the go, but Koenma's the one with the storage space.
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It's Bacon!  
04:26pm 23/06/2009

According to Mental Floss magazine, a bacon sandwhich is the best way to help a hangover (assuming you're not puking all over the place at the moment):  "The protien in bacon supplies the body with amino acids, which the brain needs to restore neurotransmitters damaged by alcohol.  Meanwhile, the bread's carbohydrates give the body energy to get up and go."

This magazine has all kinds of quirky stuff that's fun to read.

Not much to report on since it's summer and life in Lincoln has pretty much stayed the same.  I've been getting more into Facebook for the whole "daily update," but I think I'll keep livejournal around for private and longer stuff.  I've mostly been working, hanging out with Marc, and reading comic books instead of the books I rented for my grad class. 

Geekin" out over my books...Collapse )

In other news, I need a desk for my apartment.
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I love being a woman...  
08:27am 13/06/2009
...but I hate having a uterus!  Uuugh....-_-  I'm awake right now because I fell asleep at 8 pm last night and couldn't get up.  I'm still tired, but my legs are annoyed at me for lying down too long.

I hate periods!  Rawr!!!
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04:50pm 02/06/2009
So I've so far purchased a gliding chair and a couch for my living room.  Which probably means we'll have to rent a U-Haul to Iowa.  The plan was to purchase up there, but...it's easier to find inexpensive stuff when you're looking over the course of a couple months instead of in a few days.

But now I'm stuck if I should keep looking or not because technically, we can still fit stuff in the back of Ben's truck and not have to rent any storage container.  I don't know...moving out of state is difficult.

I'm feeling blah today, like I just don't want to care.  -_-  I think part of it is that one of my professors has already "suggested" we do some reading over the summer to be prepared for class, and all the books are non-fiction.  I hope this environmentalism program injects some fun into itself, because if I have to read biographies for three years, I might just wither away.
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Fuck life.  
09:12pm 19/05/2009
Car accident.  -_-

Fuck you life!  Fuck you!
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03:45pm 18/05/2009
So we went to Ames on Friday and Saturday.  Iowa's campus is HUGE, but everything is pretty close together except for a few buildings (like sports and vet stuff) located near the outskirts.  So walking around isn't a problem.  The town, itself, is rather small-feeling even though it has several businesses and a mall.

My advising professor is crazy, but when hasn't an English professor been crazy?  I look forward to the semester, though he did warn me it would be lots of work, so...there's that to look forward too...-_-;

I did find a place!  It's a block from the bus line that runs right to the school, so that's nice.  And it's not far from campus; probably like 5-10 minutes on the bus.  It's also a block from a bunch of shopping and fast food places.  And it's close to Main Street, which is sort of a "quaint" street.  It's old fashion-like and has lots of antique stores and cafes.  It's considered Ames "cultural center."

I'll be living by myself with the exception of the hamster and fish.  So I need to start looking for furniture.  I did have the option of living with a roommate closer to campus, but I think that I'm going to need a quiet place where I can study, study, study since...well, it's grad school, and I'll need to be up on my grades to get my TA.

Overall, I feel better about things because I have a place, and I know the campus a bit better.
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